That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Photographer. Artist. Dreamer.

I fall in love easily with people, places, and ideas. I dislike the word “hate” just because there’s too much of it going around. I’m shy, but I speak passionately about my thoughts. I read for pleasure. I sweat for fun. And on my free time, you’ll find me taking pictures of strangers’ cute doggies.

This is me, today.

I believe to capture a photograph is to capture more than a picture. I believe in capturing you — the you you’ll want to remember tomorrow — today.

Do you dream as though you’ll live forever, but live life as though it will end tomorrow? Have you learned to fall with dignity (from falling more than once?) Do you believe in love, in growing old with someone, in taking a leap of faith?

I want to capture the sensitive, stubborn, dedicated, driven, compassionate, creative, charismatic, athletic (and working on it), intuitive, open minded, optimistic, observant, intelligent, impatient, sarcastic, romantic and still-growing you: a work in progress.